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Peru - irresistibly delicious!

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You love good food and like to try new things? You like fried, but also healthy, fresh things? Cannot you decide between fish and meat? And something sweet always tempts you? Then you'll feel right at home in Peru!





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Learn Spanish in Sucre - and then off to the jungle!

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The classic destinations for language study in Latin America, Work & Travel in Latin America or a voluntary service in Latin America? ...
Bolivia is probably a bit further back on the list. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, it is one of the places where you can still find a good portion of authenticity and relatively little tourism.





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September – Chile goes crazy!

“Fiestas Patrias” – or “el 18” is probably the most popular holiday in Chile, maybe even more so than Christmas. During the whole week surrounding September 18th, Chileans celebrate the gathering of the first national “Junta” on September 18th, 1810, the starting point of Chilean independence. Every building, house and hut in the country flag decorated with a Chilean flag during September and the closer it gets to the holidays, the more people you will see wearing traditional costume.





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Paraguay - The Hidden Gem!

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A trip to South America for most people means exploring the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, visiting tourist magnets such as Machu Picchu, or getting to know metropolis like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro. Very few tourists decide to visit Paraguay, although this country has many beautiful landscapes to offer and is well worth seeing. So today we want to share with you some interesting facts about Paraguay, and maybe you decide to visit this amazing country on your next volunteer or language trip to South America.





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The Quinceañera

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Have you ever heard of the "Quinceañera" celebration? This, for Spanish beginners, very hard to pronounce word is an important tradition in many Latin American countries. The "Quinceañera" (from "quince" - fifteen and "años" - years) is the celebration of the fifteenth birthday of a teenager.






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