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The capital, Havana, is located in the western part of Cuba. It is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean and has approximately 4 million inhabitants. Due to the sugar cane trade in the 18th century, Havana experienced an economic boom, and many farmers built colonial style buildings to publicly display their wealth. Today, these historical monuments are still very present. In Havana, which is also known as the “melting pot”, you will find a wide variety of nationalities from all over the world. The city itself has numerous interesting sites to visit and see, such as a wide variety of historical museums and art galleries. La Habana Vieja, which was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1982, is now also known as the heart of Havana. The most famous street in Havana, Malecón, attracts an endless number of visitors every day, making it known as “the living room of Cuba”. On the nearly 20 kilometer (12 mile) long boulevard, you can admire many historical monuments.

Those that like to relax should definitely visit Playas del Este, an area with four beaches that is located only 15 minutes by car from downtown. This beach district is one of the most visited destinations among Cubans.

Havana is not only the capital city, but also the heart of Cuban culture. The rumba beat can be heard day and night like in no other city in the world. The vibrant streets display the rich history of Spanish colonialism that had been influenced by the strict direction of the political regime. Havana reflects Latin culture with a Caribbean climate and Spanish language flair.


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Study Spanish in Cuba? Read more about Cuba and its people, and learn why it is a great place for your Spanish course abroad in Latin America.



Learn Spanish in Cuba and let your senses go wild! It’s a place like no other. Follow the trails of Che Guevara and Ernest Hemingway, living like the Cubans do!

The Spanish school is located in Miramar, the noble coastline district of Havana. It is a residential, sophisticated, and lively area of the city, only a few blocks from the beach. Nearby, you will find the most attractive districts of Havana, known for business, culture, and nightlife. Cuba is one of the most unique locations to study Spanish.

The school, established in 2001, is known as one of the most prestigious institutions for learning Spanish as a second language in Cuba. With high quality courses set against the backdrop of this Caribbean paradise, you are guaranteed to leave not only with dramatically improved Spanish knowledge, but also with a true appreciation for this enchanting culture. The Spanish school is located in a lovely two-story building. It is well equipped with audio-visual facilities, six classrooms, air-conditioning, internet (extra fee), student lounge, and kitchenette that can be used by the students. There is also a dance studio in the building where you can combine Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Tango classes with your language course. As you study in Cuba, you will learn from a group of native, highly educated, and well-trained Spanish teachers. They are pleased to introduce you to the Spanish language and Cuban culture, helping to make your stay in Cuba truly unforgettable.

The Spanish course is adapted to your preferences to resolve any difficulties you may have and focus on the material that you would like to learn. When you arrive, firstly you will discuss with your teacher and your requirements and goals. Sometimes, you will alternate teachers, giving you exposure to different accents to even further improve your overall understanding.

  Group Course:
This course offers you the perfect balance between studying Spanish in class and leisure time to enjoy in Cuba. A communicative approach developing fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing ensures that the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation components are applied to actual language use. The teachers always plan their lessons according to your needs to ensure you are having a good time. Classes take place in the mornings from 9:00 to 13:00 (20 lessons a week) with a maximum of 10 students per class.

  Intensive Course:
This course is ideal for you if you want to learn Spanish at a more intensive pace. The additional group lessons give you the opportunity to focus further on various aspects and contexts of the language. The classes take place in the morning until the early afternoon so that you still have enough time for leisure activities.

  Private Course:
One-on-one instruction is the quickest and most intensive way to learn Spanish. You have two daily classes, which means 10 lessons per week. The classes can be scheduled depending on individual interests, but are oftentimes only carried out in the afternoons.


Key figures of our Spanish Courses in Havana, Cuba:

Booking No.


Course Start Date

Spanish courses of all levels start on any Monday

Minimum Stay

2 weeks

Spanish Levels

6 proficiency levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR (A1 to C2)


Native Spanish speaker

Class Duration

45 minutes

Group Size

Maximum 10 students

Group Course

20 hours/week

Intensive Course

30 hours/week

Private Course

10 hours/week

Placement Test

Online placement test

Language Diploma

Will be issued at the end of the course, stating your acquired proficiency level

Spare Time Activities

Are offered regularly (e.g. City Tour, cooking classes, dance courses, excursions, grammar workshops, conversation training, sports, etc. Some require an additional fee.


Computer room and WIFI Internet at the school for an extra fee

We want you to feel comfortable in Havana, so we offer you different accommodation options. The Comfort Apartments are located in the residential neighborhood of Miramar, close to the beach and famous convention center. The apartments are in 2 story bungalows that are surrounded by beautiful gardens. Each apartment has a terrace or balcony and consists of a living room, 2 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom (up to 4 people share the bathroom). Single occupation apartments with 1 bedroom only may be available upon request. The bedrooms are spacious and have either twin beds or a king size bed. Access to a safe can be provided at an extra charge. In the apartment complex, there are several leisure and sports facilities, such as a gym, sauna, and tennis courts. You will also find swimming pools, restaurants and bars, cafeteria, and pool bar. A small beach also belongs to the apartment complex. Lounge chairs at the pool and beach can be used at no extra cost. The distance to the school is about 3 kilometers (2 miles). A free, daily transportation service to / from the school is available. The apartments are cleaned regularly, but students are asked to take care of day-to-day cleaning tasks. Bed sheets and bath towels are provided; however, students are asked to bring their own beach towels. Students can use the internet in the hotel lobby for an extra charge, as there is no Wi-Fi available in the apartments. Breakfast is included!

For budget-conscious students, the Guest House is the ideal choice. The guesthouse is located within a 20-minute walking distance from the school and is about 30 minutes from the beach. Single and double rooms with shared bathrooms are available. A cleaning service is provided on a weekly basis. Bed sheets are provided; however, students are requested to bring their own towels. Both accommodation options give you the opportunity to have constant contact with both locals and other students, allowing you to immerse yourself into Cuban culture and explore all the wonders of this delightful island nation while improving your Spanish! Please let us know which accommodation you would like so that we can ensure that a spot is available. Your room will be reserved from the Sunday before your program starts until the Saturday after the last day of your program.

Extra days can always be booked upon request.

Our Spanish Courses in Havana/Cuba include:
  Consultation of our experienced staff
  Quality Spanish Course
  Teaching material
  Evaluation test
  Refreshments, coffee and tea at school
  Activity calendar with some free activities
  Orientation kit
  Local support
  24/7 Emergency Number
  Internet access at school (small extra fee)
  Language certificate
  Advisery concerning adequate travel insurance
  Flight booking service (optional and for free)

If booked:
  Airport pick-up 

What’s not included:
  Travel health insurance
  Local travels


Program / Duration





Group Course
(20 hrs / week)

455 USD

680 USD

910 USD

230 USD

Intensive Course
(30 hrs / week)

645 USD

970 USD

1,290 USD

320 USD

Private Course
(10 hrs / week)

720 USD

1,075 USD

1,435 USD

360 USD

Comfort Apartment
(single, breakfast)

1,325 USD

1,990 USD

2,650 USD

660 USD

Guest House
(single room)

835 USD

1,255 USD

1,670 USD

420 USD

The accommodation prices refer to check-in on Sunday and check-out on Saturday. Any other duration will be charged with extra days.
High season surcharge for accommodation for single/double room is 87 USD/week between Jan 01- Apr 27 / Jun 16 - Aug 24 / from Dec 01.



Airport Pick-up
(in Havana)

35 USD

Airport Pick-up
(in Varadero)

185 USD

Travel Health   Insurance  

more info here

Holidays 2019:
Jan 01, Apr 19, May 01, Jul 25 +26, Oct 10, Dec 25, 31
Only private classes can be reschedulded.

South America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, CubaSouth America Inside - Spanish Course in Havana, Cuba
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