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Gain work experience abroad by doing an internship in Central or South America.

In the increasingly competitive labor market, obtaining additional skills and qualifications that set you apart are becoming increasingly important. Gaining work experience through an internship abroad will help you stand out.

During an internship, you become familiar with a new working environment and gain professional insight into a company's internal operations. In addition, you gain professional skills that improve your chances of success in the competitive job market. By doing an internship in Latin America, you can also practice your Spanish skills, which opens the doors to even more career opportunities in Spanish-speaking markets.

Additionally, you will learn about new cultures and experience what it's like to live in another country. An internship abroad also strengthens your so-called "soft skills", such as flexibility, self-confidence, openness, and adaptability. These are all skills that employers think highly of.

There’s no need to be shy – do your internship abroad with South America Inside! Choose your destination from the following countries that offer an internship program:

Internship ChileChile

As the most industrialized country in South America, Chile is an excellent place to gain work experience abroad. In addition to small and large national companies, where you can carry out your internship abroad.
Internship in Chile


Internship Costa RicaCosta Rica

Amazing year-round weather, more than 20 national parks, and beautiful beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific coast make your internship abroad in Costa Rica a recreational hotspot.
Internship in Costa Rica


Internship EcuadorEcuador

Gain international work experience in a country with beautiful, exotic landscapes and a unique cultural mix of distinct indigenous tradition paired with modern Ecuador!
Internship in Ecuador


Internship GuatemalaGuatemala

The undisputed land of the Mayan culture! With an ever-growing tourism industry, Guatemala is an excellent destination for an internship abroad in tourism.
Internship in Guatemala





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