Farm Stay in Agriculture and Livestock

Farm Stay in Agriculture and Livestock
Program Facts
Farm Stay
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Program Type

Farm Stay, Agriculture and Livestock




Throughout the country, mainly central region and southern parts of Chile.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Sowing and harvesting, cleaning stables, work in the fields, herding horses o other animals into stables, feeding and taking care of animals, milking cows/goats, assistance with sheep shearing, help in the household, administrative work

Work Hours

Between 35 and 45 hours per week

Program Start Date

On any day of the week


Minimum 4 weeks

Minimum Age

18 years


Intermediate Spanish skills / Spanish Courses in Chile, South and Central America!


No special skills required but you should not be afraid of physical work in the outdoors.


Single or shared room


Full-board with 3 meals/day


Dependent on location. Chile has many different climate zones.

Recommended Vaccinations

No special vaccinations required. Please ask your doctor for additional advice.


Usually internet at project sites available.

Additional Information

Before leaving to the program site you receive an orientation from our local staff.

In-country support

Program Coordinator at project site and additionally in Santiago de Chile.

24/7 Emergency No.

Yes! With the booking confirmation, you will receive our 24/7 Emergency Number where you can reach us 24/7 in case of emergency.


Enrollment possible at any time, with at least 8 weeks’ notice.
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Health Insurance for Chile mandatory

*We would like to point out that in Latin America, especially in remote areas where many of our volunteer work projects take place, Internet and/or cellular radio systems do not always work reliably.

Historically, Chile is an agricultural country. Even today, agriculture represents a substantial part of Chile’s GDP. The profitable soil and lush meadows of Chile’s Central Region as well as the evergreen Lake Region offer the best conditions for agriculture and animal farming, especially sheep and cows. Some Haciendsas have many thousands of sheep, which can only be guarded and herded back to the stables with the help of Gauchos (Chilean cowboys) on horseback. Pure adventure!

Our Farm Stay programs in the area of agriculture and animal farming are available to all participants - no matter the age and professional background – who would like to get to know the typical country life in Chile. Even if Chilean farmers invest a lot in technology, the farms cannot be compared to the highly modernized and automatized farms in Central Europe. Farm work in Chile has kept a lot of its original character, which is what makes this program especially attractive for participants who love to work in the outdoors all day, are not afraid to work hard and like to pitch in wherever help is needed.

Through your work you will finance your accommodation and food, which are a fixed part of the program.

We collaborate with farms throughout the whole country. Due to the climatic conditions and topography, however, most farms are located in the Central Region as well as in the beautiful Lake Region or all the way in the south, in Patagonia. The programs are mostly located in beautiful countryside settings and offer our participants the opportunity to get to know Chile’s natural attractions. If you are thinking of participating in one of these stays, please be aware that the farms are often located far away from the busy city life. Some of the program locations are located in (very) remote places. Some are located close to touristy towns or villages and there is good access to infrastructure and leisure time activities. However, you should not assume that this will be the case. If you choose to do without the abundance a big city has to offer for a while, you will gain memorable experiences and will get to know and love the Chilean country life in all its originality.

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Work on a Farm in Chile? Read more about Chile and its people, and see why it is the right country for a stay in South America.



The farms stay tasks in agriculture and animal farming are very diverse and depend on each individual program location and climate. You will be outside and working in the outdoors a lot. You will be supporting the Chilean farmers or Patagonian Gauchos in their daily work and should be capable of tackling tough jobs.

You will receive a detailed program and task description once you have successfully been accepted and before you reserve a spot in the program.

Your typical tasks may include the following:

  Garden work
  Work in the field
  Sowing and harvesting
  Cleaning the stables
  Maintaining the farm
  Herding horses/animals into the stable
  Feeding and taking care of animals (animal type depends on farm - sheep, cattle, birds, milk cows, etc.)
  Milking cows/goats
  Assistance with sheep shearing
  Help in the household
  Administrative work
  and many more

Accommodation and board are a fixed feature of our farms stays in Chile. Accommodation is provided by the program location. Generally, you will live in the building that belongs to the site or in a guest house. We don’t have a say in whether you are put in a single room or dorm. It may or may not be possible to take part in the family life of the farm owners. Many farms are run by a „administrador“ or „cuidador“ (administrator, caretaker). It is therefore possible that you do not live with the owners but with the workers and/or their families. You will definitely come into contact with locals, improve your language skills and at the same time get to know the cultural characteristics of Chileans. Food (three times a day) is also provided by the program location, either in the form of meals or food that you can cook yourself.

You will receive exact details about your accommodation once you have been placed successfully in one of the programs and before you book your spot in the program.

Our Stay on the Farm in Chile includes:
  Consultation of our experienced staff
  Individual attention from your contact person in Chile
  Translation of your application documents and preparation of your profile
  Farm Stay Placement
  Elaboration of the program description of your Farm Stay place
  Informative manual about your stay in Chile
  Santiago City Map
  Santiago City Guide
  Informative welcome meeting with the staff in our office
  Accommodations (single or shared room)
  Full board (all meals provided)
  Certificate of participation from South America Inside
  24/7 emergency number
  Advisery concerning adequate travel insurance
  Flight booking service (optional and for free)


What’s not included:
  International Flight
  Medical Insurance
  Visa (if necessary)
  Local Travels

Our Prices:


up to

up to

up to

up to

up to

Program Costs

590 USD

620 USD

645 USD

675 USD

700 USD

Aditionally, an application fee of 100 USD is required.

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